“Thomas James shall be his name,” the Angel says mysteriously. “The world shall change because of him. Dark days lie ahead for the chosen child.”

In the small town of Bethel, in a time not unlike our own, a child with a great purpose is born.

Years later, alienated by those around him and picked on by his peers, the awkward twelve-year-old struggles to exist after the loss of his family.

A terrifying vision of a dark world to come haunts him. He sees and hears things he cannot understand. The world quickly changes before his eyes. Visited by strange messengers and surrounded by mysterious and miraculous events, Thomas fights to comprehend what is real and what is not, while trying to escape the sinister powers that be.

After countless horrors, the starling revelation of who Thomas James truly is will change the lives of those around him, setting off a chain of events that could destroy, or save, them all.

Inside these pages hides a treasure, just waiting to be discovered. If you ever wonder if there is more to life and want to know why it is we suffer, then this book will not only astonish you—it may just open your eyes to a truth that could set you free.

Find out what it is in us all that makes us heed The Calling.